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Summarize what has been done in 2012

Day countdown to, So another year passed on JOURNEY 5 BUILDING IN THE NGHIEP.Toi has come 2/5 way and had a YEAR 2012 Memorable THE GREAT CHANGE. But what gain is still modest, but look at these results, I have more motivation and determination to complete the journey CAREER coming years.

After one year of work and business,I have learned a very important lesson : ” If you want to go fast and far in his career, Please work with people with the same ideas and the same hunger for success. Because only the power of the elite INTELLECTUAL GROUPS (GROUP) make you go fast and go far a speedy way. Do not make a little fish in the ocean, folk tune in to BIG, you will absolutely be able to conquer the sea”. And “never leave your life for his fate yourself paint SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY for you.” You drew that was not ? ^^

All year 2012, I would like to send my sincere thanks and new year greetings to the comrades, the great brother of Think BIG and in life helped me achieve results today. Special thank you toNguyen Manh Ha, you Trinh Minh Dung, youHuynh Hai Yen, Ngo Duy Tung brothers in the same team the THINK BIG GROUP national past time. Wish we'll always be brothers they MIGHT big boat THINK BIG success so that we can complete your own BUSINESS TRAVEL. ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR – HAPPY SUCCESS – THINK BIG, DO BIG, GET GREAT !


When I started writing this Note, the KNOW-HOW 1 after 2 days gained 165 lượt like, 24 share and 30 Luot comments. This is a very surprising and wonderful to me. First, would like to thank you for your interest and welcome. Comment and your like are the driving force and reason so that I can continue to try to spend more time may fund in their busy lives to share their knowledge and experience to . ;)

How to share my :

Through the secret 1, I get a lot of comments comment your comments and questions, so that you can better understand my way of sharing to monitoring and information extraction. I mentioned how I wrote following his share :

I'll share from overview to details. This means that I will go one turn overview 9 SECRET CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SILVER RATIO to give you an overview of all issues. And after each trick with your questions I will answer them in the next SECRET. After going a turn 9 SECRET on general, I will begin to share in more detail the contents of the secrets that you are interested in so that you can track and additional information. So you just completely comfortable offline ;) .


Troubleshooting SECRET 1 :

Recently after sharing BQ1, most of you ask the specific school to learn a clever way of me how in a short time to achieve the desired results ? , As I have shared, the methodological advances that I learned from many books of authors : Adam Khoo, Tony Buzza,Bobbi Deporter, Mike Hernaki,Dale Carnegie … and besides, I applied in a flexible and creative to match the learning environment in Vietnam by his practical experience. During the 5 academic year at the University Lecture Hall, I have successfully applied this method to study the synthesis and thereby 6 INTELLIGENT LEARNING TO RECRUITING EXCEPTIONAL respectively :


1. Method optimal time management

2. Techniques win instant laziness

3. Super speed reading skills

4. Engineering tech record

5. Prep method achieved maximum points

6. Art teachers to be loved

These methods you can find by searching read and synthesize knowledge from the books of the authors I have mentioned. And if you want to know more detail those methods and practical situations have applied 6 LEARNING tactics to achieve results superior learning environment at the University of Vietnam like, you can wait until I finished sharing an overview 9 SECRET CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SILVER RATIO, I will share more detail with all of you. Everyone just calm and peace of mind ;)



And now as promised, I will reveal to you the next great thing, also the SECRET VICE 2 in string 9 SECRET CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SILVER RATIO IS WHEN ARE STUDENTS. This trick is :

Entrepreneurship training, BECOME C.E.O in thinking and consciousness !


In the first secret, right after thinking about studying in university lecture hall and next thing you know how to fall in place first important students are learning in school, the second step , you will begin to spend his remaining time to begin the process of learning and practice to begin to step into the road business and become a true entrepreneur. The secret things 2 is the first lesson on the path of your start-up.

Most people think that when you own a business deal, a private company or a business and they need to become a CEO (C.E.O) or a business owner really. In my opinion this is a point of view does not make sense. By things such as Business and Trade Department, Private Company just THOSE OUT reflected their inner entrepreneur . What does that mean ? That is, do not wait until you have a new Private Company became a CEO that cultivate yourself and train your self to become a true CEO and from there to create an inheritance for his.


By the fact, process of starting a business is a very difficult process and go through a lot of great challenge. I do not want you disillusioned but must disclose to you the following data : the studies show that there are about 40% the company becomes insolvent within one year of start-up. This number is doubled 80% in 5 years later. And finally, not only to 10% these companies can succeed 10 year. You see, market equally fierce war truong.Va if your own is not enough THOUGHT, Mind and bravery to face and steer your boat NOW through storm, waves terrible blizzard struck the disastrous outcome will occur quickly.


The universe has a very interesting rule is the unity between the inside and outside. When you have your property that is likely not enough to create assets, So you do not expect the property to fall into his hands but to develop the ability within yourself. Once your ability inside big enough, you will absolutely be able to easily create , wealth for themselves.


There is a saying that I like “The problem never lies in the difficulties that the main problem is in your stature”. Just think if you develop your ability inside large enough to overcome all obstacles on the way to build your BODY NOW. What can prevent you to SUCCESS ?

The answer is “Not a thing !” .


So have you ever wondered that successful people think how other people fail ? CEOs and successful entrepreneurs think what ?


Answers they think and thinking is very different from normal people around us. And they have in common is that they possess a kind of thinking called THINK BUSINESS SUCCESS.


This is the thinking mind, is aware, is thought , is the habit of SUCCESS SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS installed on your brain through the process of continuous learning from successful entrepreneurs go ahead. And level of cognitive thinking is always proportional to their financial success. The more smoothly the thoughts and perceptions, the more you achieve success in the process of BUILDING NOW. I myself spent over two years building his business, I'm still constantly learning and practicing these thoughts every day. Times of difficulties in business, thanks to the thinking and way of thinking , Recognizing the problem properly has helped me overcome many obstacles originally to build the company on a stronger. From a small company of a student to build a company with a presence in three regions of the country as it is today thanks to the effort of continuing education under the protection, enthusiastic support from senior businessmen go ahead.


Besides thinking when you own a successful business, you will have the same awareness, views and thoughts with other successful entrepreneurs. And you know what a sentence is “Ox ox range, code range” – This means that you will quickly get consensus and attention from the business minded members with success under the impact of a great law of the universe is “Law of Attraction”.By people who have the same thoughts and the mind will quickly be attracted to each other. When the cooperation and support from the senior successful businessman YOUR BUSINESS boat will be outstanding image speed and fast growing. That's the miraculous boom that THINK BIG GROUP has been recently.


In fact I have seen her around many young pretty dreamy and think just a little capital and an idea that can establish a company while they are still not enough mind and thinking . So what will happen ? They will soon face the first challenge. And with limited thinking they will easily give up before the difficulties encountered and quickly embarked on a job or a business and continue in a vicious circle as the.Ho gradually lose the focus of ? Because they do not own one of the business thinking behind SUCCESS :

“The rich and successful people who have the habit of Success, that they always finish what they had started.


The successful entrepreneur is always created and the business end of business perfectly and then continue to open up and develop the deal khac.Ho always focus maximum resources on a single business . And only if they fulfill their business enterprise by selling, IPO, franchise.. after its successful operation. Now they continue to create new business deal.


How to Train PROPERTY AND THOUGHT of successful entrepreneurs ?


Also thinking I just mentioned above, also any other thoughts that a successful entrepreneur possesses ? And how to train and own this great thinking ?


There are many ways you can work and own thinking for themselves. One of the ways is to read the book of the Millionaire Mind, the Successful Entrepreneur. A very good book now you can read "Millionaire Mind SECRETS" of T.harv Eker. Besides, you should make friends, exchanges to learn from successful entrepreneurs go ahead ... But, the most effective way that I see it is you should take courses in Thought by MILLIONAIRE, SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS direct teaching. In this course you will have a clear indication, more specific. Especially you have the opportunity to have direct interaction, QUESTIONS, Chat with successful people to learn more from them.


Previously these courses has never been held in Vietnam,want to participate in this course you have to go to Singapore is the closest and with the cost of expensive. However there is a great news for you as recently, began to have some great course held in Vietnam by the Vietnamese millionaire- people have to learn this course abroad and apply successful business thinking SUCCESS actual results to create yourself stand out direct training. One of the great courses that I know that this is a Key of Thought,Thought Business Success….by millionaires, leading training VN he Nguyen Manh Ha taught. Besides a number of courses of other prestigious speakers…Longer if conditions than you can attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive and other courses of training leading directly T.harv Eker teaching in Singapore ....


So to be able to start putting the first brick to build his up a SILVER NOW billion for. You need to understand the important tips THIRD 2 it is : always train SPIRIT AND THE BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURS by owning THINK, The mind of a true C.E.O.

When these fundamentals you will become a proud warrior in the marketplace. And you've got full confidence and courage to begin to conquer all difficulties on the way to build your EMPIRE NOW.


You can enjoy with Tips for Tuesday 2 ? If you find it useful, please share it with your friends so more people are aware of this knowledge offline. And….


Invite you to take reader SECRET VICE 3 offline ;) .

Thank you and have successfully !

Nhat Huy Vo Phi



Before your attention to the number of turns like in excess of 100 after 2 on, I'll share the secret you can help me build a NOW SILVER RATIO for himself when he was a student. I call it :


These are the secrets I have accumulated from various sources, books of famous authors in the world and since it is based on experience, personal experience to make. 9 My secret was to apply to my real life and helped me get the results today. Hopefully this will also help the students have a reference to start building your own career right from school when I was sitting on a chair.

I will share one secret at a time for you to contemplate and apply. And 9 This is also the secret 9 STEP SUCCESS help you start building NOW for yourself. FIRST COME FIRST TO KNOW-HOW :

SECRET 1 : LEARNING WITH THE BEST SHORT TIME, LEARN HOW SMART way to achieve the highest results !

The first of those secrets is the secret of learning problems. For the students, learning is the most important immediate need to do. And to be able to build a career for yourself then you need to make the first one the best, it is : THE SCHOOL.

Because if not solve the important issues first, you will not be able to have the time and mind to be able to think about or set up business.

How to LEARN TRUTH ABOUT TRADING and still have time to ENRICH ?

Until now there are many views : “smart hard cover” should always think that the need to learn a lot, plow day, grind… to be able to have good results and grades are. But the reality proved that hard, diligent study is not necessarily bring the best results for you to learn and achieve superior results and as the class valedictorian, only hard work alone is not enough. Most people are best pupil who owns the learning method smartest but they are not the hardest or most bases classes, in.

So the first thing you need to do it is AWAY think will spend 100% his time to each solving homework on the school that make a reasonable allocation of time for school work and besides the time to start reading, Research and learn about the business that you are interested in. However, you must always find their own SMART LEARNING METHODS most advanced and. That is the key to help you achieve both : Learning is good, achieve the highest results and have the time to lay the first foundation for your business.

If you understand and master the secret of this first, you will become a DIFFERENT STUDENTS . That is when your friends engrossed and rolling with homework on school, you can just cavalier learning achieved the highest results while also having time to create their own income. This is exactly what I've done in the time I was a student. I only use 30% its time to deal with classroom lessons and always achieve the highest score and graduated valedictorian results. And I do that is by applying the PROGRESSIVE LEARNING METHOD AND SPECIAL of the world's leading academic expert Tony Buzan, Adam Khoo…. through the book, and course materials from this expert I have ever used 2 exam date to reach the point 8,9 in the subjects that you are still short underground Philosophy, Political Economy…Or class leader in specialized courses with very little time to learn. How completely different my school classmates and that's what makes my learning outcomes become other biet.Hay remember that if you want to excel the others you have to figure out and made the .

So FIRST SECRET for students who want CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SILVER RATIO THAT STILL LEARNING SO GOOD IN SCHOOL that is always thinking and looking to study with the shortest time, LEARN HOW SMART way to achieve the highest results !


Month 7 – 2012 : Birth THINK BIG GROUP : BIG EDU, BIG LAND , S30 COFFEE

Month 7 year 2012 witnessed an important collaboration. Under the cooperative participation of speakers Huynh Hai Yen and his team bow. Think BIG JSC became THINK BIG GROUP strong with three business segments : BIG LAND, BIG EDU và S30 COFFEE. This partnership opens up a whole new phase for THINK BIG GROUP. Company headquarters moved to 360 Ly Thai, P.1, District 3 – TP. Ho Chi Minh City. Some images opening day :

Month 6 – 2012 : Established THINK BIG JSC branch in Central

Think BIG companies have official presence in Central building in the city of Da Nang with branches in 115 Trung Nu Vuong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang. Opening ceremony honored Mr. Le Van Hieu – Vice Chairman of young entrepreneurs and Vo Phi Dung – Former Chairman of the young entrepreneurs TP. Hue to attend and congratulate. Some pictures on opening day :